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Robert CEO

The best cupcake I have ever eaten!


Thanks Rach! You made Gianna extremely happy with this beautiful masterpiece.  You've got great talent.


The cakes were soft sweet adn my taste buds could not get enough.  Perfect for parties, weddings, girls nights in and EVERY occasion.


Rachel's cakes can rise to any occasion.  They look appetising and amazingly they are healthy.  I can't believe it's not dairy.


I can honestly say Rachel's cakes are irresistible.  One cake and you are hooked.  I would highly recommend her. Rachel's cakes anytime, anywhere and any place.


I am not a man that indulges in desserts often however I tasted one of Rachels Carrots cakes and there was only one word that came to my head. AMAZING! & I have hunted for them ever since.


I am not a cake person but these are very nice indeed & I would recommend them to anyone.


Rachel's cupcakes are big & I could eat them all day.


Rachel's cakes taste great & sell out every time


Tasty and does not hurt my belly (I am lactose interant).  It just hits the spot.


Thank you sooooo much for helping to make the blessing special. The day was a success.   I can't say thanks enough, the cake were beyond my expectations and judging from Saturday's comments I think you have yourself some new customers.  As for me.... I know where my loyalty lies from now on.