Subscription Box

So I went live with my subscription boxes.  It has been such a crazy journey over the past few months but I have now made it. After much research, questionnaires and test boxes this is what you can expect:

  1. The box fits through your letterbox. Let’s face it our lives are extremely busy and the last thing you want is to have to collect your goods from the local post/sorting office if you are not home when your goodies are sent in the post.
  2.   Everything is Vegan, Soya Free, Nut free and Allergen Free.  There is always someone who is allergic to something which stops them from enjoying a tasty treat.  Not with this box, everyone can indulge themselves once a month and it’s also good for sharing with friends, family and work colleagues.
  3. You have 3 different types of treats in one box.  We all like variety and this box has it, a different treat each day.
  4. Relax with a cup of tea whilst you enjoy your treats.  You will also find a tea bag in the box to thoroughly enjoy your treats with.
  5. You get a box at the end of the month. The box will be posted out on the last Thursday of the month so you always have something to look forward to.

I sent a sample box to @hellofrifran and you can read his full review of the box here.

So there you have it, Rachel’s Cake Delights subscription box.  Sign up today and spread the word. 

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