The Health Benefits of Veganism and Gluten-Free

Staying healthy remains, understandably, a human pre-occupation.  Billions are spent every year by people around the planet in pursuit of staying in shape, losing weight and generally trying to keep the doctor at arms’ length for as long as possible.

Two diets that have gained real prominence in recent years are veganism and gluten-free and for good reason – both offer a range of health benefits.


Removing all animal products or animal by-products from a balanced vegan diet provides for any number of health benefits.  Non-animal products tend to be much lower in cholesterol and saturated fats, therefore a balanced vegan diet can help with weight loss / control issues.

Veganism also helps to reduce the risk of any number of debilitating or even deadly conditions.  Vegans have less risk of developing serious diseases or conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes or type II diabetes.


In recent years, there has also been an emphasis placed on how veganism can help fight off developing certain forms of cancer, particularly so as red / processed meats are being increasingly identified as a carcinogenic health risk.



The broad, traditional take on being gluten-free was that one had to be a celiac or have a gluten-intolerance.  However, things are no longer that clear cut and the benefits of removing things like wheat or rye from one’s diet are starting to become more and more apparent. 

Advantages include not only better digestive performance and comfort, but also things like reduced cholesterol, weight-loss and improved energy levels.


Another benefit is that a gluten-free diet can encourage a reduction in the consumption of processed foods, which is in turn beneficial to health.  Many foods are that are processed come with a generous amount of gluten in advance, almost without thought.  A gluten-free diet will help to reduce that exposure.


Both veganism and gluten-free are leading the way in twenty-first century dietary preventative health strategies.  Both run the risk of you becoming healthier and, much as you may like them as a person, seeing your doctor a lot less – win-win!

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